Brands are strictly made on love, not for business alone. I love my brand so much its going become lucrative some day regardless. Brands should embody what you all ways been about since a child. Its much easier to sale product to anyone when you don’t have to pretend. MSR/NIMO is a brand that will leave everyone in the world ambitious, innovative and hungry for all you what to achieve in life. Love your brand and the people will love it organically, you cant fool the people. You can become a walking brand instantly over night, just understand to use everything, i mean everything as a platform. Follow my journey and you will become interested in my next move. Build brands that you love and have fun doing and making, and people will always follow. Stop trying to become rich tomorrow, take some time to fall in love with the process of building a brand that fans will love forever. -NIMO

2015-01-19 16.05.58



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