Well lets get into it, yes albums[full body of work] still matters. Why? because its still some great albums out there that i’m not going to mention, including mines”NIMO” THE EP out right now on http://www.heatherbnyce.com [download]. Really we are in the age of the single, its a single driven industry, which means fans pick one song out of ten and radio to drive into the ground. People listen with a different ear now, that i call (the hurry up and get to the hook) ears. Seems the world is in a rush for nothing, question how can you buy a album, listen for a day and determine its the best album of all time. The real factor is its damn near impossible for majority, what happen to living with that album for months or least a couple weeks. The truest listener is always on the move in the car, errands, work, clubbing, shopping, it never ends. We all have evolved into on the move fans, which probably explains all these one hit wonders. How to fix it? you cant, make sure you have a platform fit for you and your fans needs and target that alone, mix it up. In order to move up you have to not be like the times but move with it. So do albums still matter, yes if you want to be the greatest, just make sure them hooks you got is on point, nah i mean. -NIMO

2015-01-19 16.05.58


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