If you didn’t know who your biggest fan is its you. And it always will be, biggest mistake now-a-days social media got everybody in this illusion bubble. Likes don’t equal fans trust me, confidence in yourself is far more likely to attract fans organically. If you not sure in your product, people read it and they become unsure. I always celebrated me even when no one shows up to the party. When you look for someone to root you on, you start to expect it, your expectations will always fail in the hands of others. Be different, be your own fan, cheer yourself on, practice this method over and over again and when you start to look around people join in on they own. People root on who’s winning at the time, so say you want to lean back because you worked hard to get to a certain level. Those fans you have will leave and cheat on you on the next hot thing, now you butt hurt and depressed. I learned this early and god be the glory, i don’t need one fan all i need is faith which breaths confidence in self and situations. Fans sometimes is trends, you suppose to love you not for a while but forever, look in the mirror and say” i fuck with that person hard.”-NIMO


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