Look here you can buy a lot of things in life, but respect will never be one of em. You have to respect people in order to get respect in return. Often artist feel like respect should be given because they talented……sorry you wrong. If you feel like your songs is the ventriloquist to what you embody in real life, no the people wont be fooled. Respect is when things is not going right for you, how you act, then when everything going right for you, how you act. Consistency with your attitude around your peers gains you mad respect. I earn people respect through hard work and consistency of how i treat people. Now i know i know you wont always get that respect back but that’s alright, as long as it’s not disrespect. As artist we all feel we work very hard to be heard, appreciated, celebrated, and most of all respected. True enough a lot of artist work hard, but if everybody works hard and rep they block, what makes you more important. This may be hard to swallow for some artist due to the fact they might be nice at what they do, their is rewards for that… Grammys, BET awards, VH1 awards etc, i can go on all day. Respect is the work you put in yourself to be patient, faithful, hard working, grateful, leader, and a voice of reason. It doesn’t matter who know where you from and how well you do it, its like anything else in life, stop complaining and earn it. -NIMO


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