I say this title with total confidence, because being in the hip hop scene or part of its culture you see where it maybe went wrong. A rapper is born everyday, years ago being a rapper was a gift not a way to come up and shit on the people you grew up with. Now for every average kid in america feel they can do this hip hop thing, and don’t know the first thing about its history. The money they throw at rappers now….CURTIS BLOW, KOOL G RAP, AND PUBLIC ENEMY to name a few could only dream of. And because the numbers that’s thrown out there, people going to run to it, even if they don’t really know how to do it. Facebook, instagram, twitter is false security of being a rapper or artist. Why? because its your free will to put any and everything out to the universe and call it hot or dope, when many times its neither. Times have changed, i get it, but the skill set to even attempt to rap should have  never changed. Everybody’s a rapper now, and too much of one thing cant be good. Don’t get me wrong i still love it, but hate the fact that everybody feel they can do it. Which in a lot of cases they can but they subject matter isn’t the same of a rapper that’s well rounded in life like myself. There’s two sides to every story make sure you tell it, there’s a certain responsibility to this culture. That most rappers don’t want and that’s to give something back to the people not money, hoes, and clothes but jewels to stay with fans for a life time. Its a million rappers, if you going to add to the million be the one that bring something we all can use. Not another useless bar toting rhyme, you can be a dope rapper just prove you in your prime.- NIMO


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