Now i know plenty artist feel that they are fly in their own right. Which is true only when your lyrics and fashion adds up. You talking fly and being fly is two different things, tight pants may be your fashion taste but its not mine. You see fashion has took a drastic change, and what people call fly these days i laugh at, no judgement. I hear plenty artist talk as if what they wearing is whats hot, wrong, because you spent 900 dollars on a shirt don’t make it fly. Kanye west my dude i love his music, but if he continues to go left field with his fashion i will lose interest. The reason fashion is still so important is because fashion is the first thing you see. Music is the second thing you feel, when those match up you might become a star. I see a lot of artist not caring how they look because as we call say it “they in grind mode” isn’t going to make me like you because you can rap or sing. Some artist wait for a deal to start to look presentable, here’s the thing the more look apart the more i want to be a part of your journey. I know it shouldn’t matter if your blessed with a gift to entertain, but as my teacher used to say “dress to impress”.  -NIMO


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