Majority of people feel when they doing music that’s what they selling you music. Unfortunately if you trying to sell yourself as a brand that’s the wrong approach to me. The lost leader in a brand if you do music is your music, it sets up other opportunities in a whole other field. I sell music for my brand, i don’t sell music for my pockets, trust me. You should want to sell customers everything, not just your celebrity. Think about it you spend so much time musically and totally neglect other areas that your weak in. Music is my art so it will be my high end of my selling point, but my lifestyle as far as what i wear, how i speak, my advertising, my persona period is my main selling point that will always be affordable. A catalog is great but make those your commercials for your biggest pitch. You have to balance what your really selling because music alone is being approached different, it has to be on a platform that’s fun, inspiring and the truth to a true customer or fan. -NIMO


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