It took me a while to understand this concept and i’m still learning this on the job. Knowing the curves simply means to me is be ahead of self for self, whats the next big thing in music. This is chess not checkers you have to be willing to explore your wildest imagination to be not the best but legendary status is what i’m aiming for. Never look at things that exist but the things that people need that don’t exist. If you do think about things that  exist, how to make them better than before should be your only question. Music is global why box yourself in, my music is for everyone not just my race or block, expand. Music need platforms, audience, and marketing knowing this my mind is consistently working to fulfill every angle of those three main things. No matter how crazy the idea do it, god speaks to us individuals for a reason. I just dropped my self-titled ep” NIMO”  and i’m three years ahead for my next venture. Now if you’re someone like myself never show your full hand, they won’t understand now no way. So knowing the curves of the future in music is simple, create another platform so  your music can live forever.-NIMO

2015-01-19 16.05.58


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