When I say competition is none I don’t mean other artists or businesses, I simply mean there will only be competition with me and me only. I only have interest in being better than I was before that includes musically, marketing wise, business wise and spiritually. Creating your own lane would only help you for the future. That means that its a lane that only you can thrive in and shine in. You can only be better in it. Being in competition is something you have to put yourself in. Its not something that chooses you. So, I don’t have to speed up or slow down my process because my process embodies what I’m doing for me. I’m not in competition with what the world is doing. Focus on you, only you and not how fast they are going in that lane, not how slow they’re going in the other lane, but only your destination and where you are going. If you choose to be in competition, And once you choose that route, more than likely the rest of your career will be in competition with what the world is doing, what the rappers are saying and what the media is saying. Be inspired, not thirsty. Be great, not good. But most of all, not being in competition with everybody else you can actually be you. -NIMO

2015-01-19 16.05.58


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