Men need to listen up on this one for the simple fact this helps us all in major ways. Woman, good woman should push you by her own drive,  we as men need to dream and dream big. Those two things together will make you all of a sudden become a power couple. Power couples make moves not excuses, men have mad idea’s good shit too, but we need woman to elevate that idea to new found heights. Nowadays for some reason some men fill they can feel altitude without a good one beside you. My opinion you will fly, just not that high off the ground. Good woman understands future plans and will never live in the now, they thank god for the now but plan for the future. If you see years go by and there’s no change in you or in  your life plans and you have a woman that’s a alert to me. Good woman are your ultimate cheerleaders regardless of situations. She will make you feel like a champion when society wont, she don’t add pressure she relieves it, she don’t doubt you she believes it. We as men all wonder why some of the blueprints you had never worked it’s either you don’t have a woman or the wrong one. This isn’t judgement it’s my truth for every successful man there will be a good woman behind you every time no doubt. Men act as if we don’t need woman in some cases but the reality is we can’t be totally great without you. Your woman is the mirror to your strength meaning you only as strong as she is, shes a non believer you will be a non believer, her faith is strong your faith should be strong. So these are the things that we do know a blueprint is only as good as your relationship your strength is only as strong as she is. Now a little thing about having fun doing both, a good woman aligns herself with whatever you {men} see for ya’ll future. So if you don’t know she wont know have a plan and give it to a good woman and watch your plan become ya’ll reality. The better part is when you see a good woman get better in faith, fashion, sex, business, communication you automatically become magnetized to her getting better. Get a game plan make it fun, it wont be perfect but a good woman will always make it worth it.-NIMO


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