I used to think this energy stuff was straight bs, but as i become older, wiser, and more focused on my near future success it’s real very real. Be very cautious of who you spend your time and give your efforts to, because some people just have a defeated spirit. If the people you around just talk about what somebody else doing all day get away from them period. Energy is very contagious be around like minded people if you want to be great. When you hang around people that not only want to be great but work towards it everyday, that energy feeds off on you also guaranteed. Now there is a such thing as negative energy you feel it when you walk in a room or around certain individuals. Negative energy come from people that can’t move out there own way, they are self defeating. The more positive energy around the better you feel about self and situations. When you see someone winning don’t hate be around that person to learn and adjust great energy to yourself, if you want don’t force it. You want to win? talk and be around winners, you want to see life passing you by? you probably around procrastinators and complainers, get away. Faith and energy means a lot when your trying to be successful, i been there. You have to respect yourself enough to understand energy never lies, people hate the energy they are around and want you to join, no thanks. Think about it why do rich people hang with rich people? why do fools hang with fools? why do haters hang with haters? it’s definitely the energy that feeds off each other. Life is too short to be brought into energy that’s not positive forward thinking and successful process. Choose your energy wisely. -NIMO


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