Enough is enough, i feel no one is talking about r&b music maybe because it don’t exist or they don’t care. Either way they need to exploit that genre like hip-hop, it need to be a significant difference in rappers that sing and singers that rap. It’s a very thin line between the two, r&b when i was going up was LUTHER VANDROSS, ROBERT KELLY, BABYFACE, FAITH EVANS, JODECI, KEITH SWEAT, to name a few. Now days we look at DRAKE damn near as r&b that’s kinda sad. When did people feel like we we’re done with wanting to hear new acts or just new music of that genre. It’s a lost art to me that we need to pay attention to, men as long as we love women there should be music to talk for us when we don’t know the words. Ladies need the music also to have that feeling of love through music. More years go by the more we forget about true love songs and adapt to the thot songs. Everything’s about sex and hitting it the same not, my people where’s the love?


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