The media can be great for marketing and just sometimes to be in the know. As I see it in the overall effect, it can be damaging to some people self-esteem also. We sometimes we match ourselves with what’s going on in the media as far as the latest cars, clothes, jewelry, hottest nightclubs, women, and drinks. And when those material things aren’t in our lives self-doubt starts to creep in on what you doing and is it good enough not for self but society. To just have a job and car in the media eyes is success, when true happiness and freedom of what you do is true success. Media tells us what we should be doing and buying not whats really good for us in general. I feel like if that’s the case they should have praising god in more of the media eye, it’s very controlling of mind. All media isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong but the ones that’s running “this is the life you should have campaigns” is not good for the freedom of mind. Stop letting society tell you what you should be doing to stay in the loop be different be self efficient. The world is suffering from insecurity this is what hate comes from that feeds negativity. Go for what you  know more importantly, go out for what you love because the media don’t love you it loves your mine free yourself.-NIMO


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