I strongly feel that pop music is washed on the media side of things such as in our face 24/7 but may be relevant in someone else life because they search for it. Now I do believe that hip hop has took over every ounce of media, because that’s just the cool thing to sell this doesn’t mean it’s more lucrative it’s just more marketable. Pop music was on a high around 2000-2009 to me right around the time NELLY made an impact on how people truly view rap music or hip hop. You know if people such as JUSTIN BIEBER, TAYLOR SWIFT, AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE hook up with people in the hip hop world the whole pop thing is redundant it has to be in order for those artist to try to cross over. I feel pop music is relevant but has tremendously fallen off the check-list, there are fans that look for pop music in hip hop which is different than just loving to hear that genre alone. If it’s not relevant in 2015 it’s definitely lucrative to some people ask FLO-RIDA and PITBULL they left the hip hop genre and never looked back. I love all good music doesn’t matter the genre so i may not be checking for acts it’s still relevant if it’s dope music.-NIMO     (self-titled ep out now!!!! only on download)


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