Are there any dj’s that still break records? maybe, just in mainstream. What I mean in mainstream is that dj’s break the same artist records that have a huge following already. And pretty much at that point it’s not breaking a record you play a new record big difference to me. The underground could break records all day and not get credit, simply because it’s some mainstream push to make it a bigger record. To me personally dj’s went with less headache and work you don’t have to break a big artist record you play it, you know the people gonna love you including the artist and his/her camp, get paid go home easy. Dj’s at first didn’t to much care about the money side of it, enough to pay they bills and influence the culture in forward positive way. It’s hard to think about culture now as a dj when dj’s want the same if not more than the artist. So i feel greed is a big part of dj’s not caring and the ones that do care and want to break records do not get support from the majors. It have to be more than one independent dj willing to play a record that deserves airplay. We as artist blame fans but who was the first ones feeding the fans our music…….. dj’s.-NIMO


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