This is a great topic to me do to the fact a lot of artist feel they really need they city blessing for what god has for you. Listen, it will be plenty of people in your life that don’t see or understand your vision, which is cool, it will definitely include the same city you was born in. Artist is held up in their career do to the fact they want to be loved by where they are at, when the world is waiting on your presence. No one makes a huge statement in a comfort zone you have to step out of that light to be seen in a completely different light. Your city is usually the last people that support you do to the fact a large number of them probably already knows you. Think about it’s cousins, auntie’s, uncle’s, mother’s, father’s that don’t believe you until the last minute when your vision becomes a reality. So what will make you think you need your city, when it’s family that you say you don’t need, yo this is the same difference. It’s a facet to sell records, you want to sell records organically this will mean sometime it won’t get support from your city. I feel like this, as long as your city know you for your hard work dedication and consistency they always gonna roll with you regardless of where you at. So do you need your city to blow? no just ask all the big dogs in the game, did they stay in their city to get the opportunity they had, absolutely not. Same goes for the artist that think you need your city support right off back, make them a believer by not making yourself a prisoner to your city and your fate. They will always come around when you seek success be local minded to never forget where you came from, but be mobile minded to understand it’s evolution that change’s the world for the better.-NIMO


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