Well this topic to me is 75% that separates a true artist. Personally I love non-fiction because it’s raw and uncut and you can learn a lot about the artist true intentions. When you are doing music you have to make it personal in more ways than one like let the listener walk with you thru your life. All I rap is about truth my truth, my life and the real things that occur before and after the booth. Now some artist may not understand the difference,non- fiction is real life actions, fiction is not real made up simple. Don’t get me wrong both can be extremely dope and both can be extremely wack I have heard both sides. Some artist are really good of making things up, in hip hop we call them dope story tellers one of the best is SLICK RICK to me. When being fictional such as saying dope bars is cool don’t know how far you will get with it but there’s nothing wrong with that. But in today’s world being a fictional artist a big artist could be detrimental to the youth that listens and believe you. Artist that tell the good, bad, and ugly normally has most longevity. If you are making things up in your lyrics fine as long as it’s not damaging the mind of kids. It’s 2015 who cares be you, you might be even cooler to the listener.-NIMO


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