Well this topic is kinda of interesting because for many years this has been an argument among the listeners, in my opinion both really matter but only if you going for a well-rounded record. So it depends what you really listening for I personally listen for lyrics because if the lyrics tight i could deal with the beat no matter if it’s dope or whack. It seems more than ever it’s beat first lyrics second because our society is in this turn up stage to the point if they can’t turn up to it, it’s all wrong. Of course we all want to hear dope beats it’s what sound good in the whip or headphones because listening at home to your stereo is dead to me. It’s simply to me they both matter I like entire records which usually is a classic or epic record. Down south started the whole beat over lyrics to me, that’s not saying south don’t have lyrics because they do and it’s to many to mention on a blog. What I’m talking about are the south artist that dumb it down which is still to many to name on a blog. I will say 3 6 mafia was one of those groups that didn’t have a lot of hot lyrics but crazy beats, and they made you love those songs being themselves. Which a lot of artists copied with less lyrics than them and made mad money, now flood gates is open. No matter what genre both is a necessity for overall dope records and if you want to have an epic example download my self-titled ep “NIMO” only on [www.heatherbnyce.com] to understand that both is very dope when put together by the right artist. Shameless plug i know, but i’m a great example.-NIMO


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