I wanted to write about this because perception has killed our hunger of true success and hard work. Perception means the impression, idea, or estimation of something. So I always felt that many people love perception because the work you really have to put in they don’t want to do so the whole perception thing is a short cut to true success. This society we live in I feel don’t want to be broke and work towards their happiness, so instead make it seem as if you’re doing better financially than ever. Don’t get me wrong it is some people who’s doing great financially keep doing your thing. Me personally I love real results, I don’t care what people think or say. Perception has kept some people in fear to chase their dream and work a job that they hate, just because the perception of having a job is that it’s a security blanket. I struggle all the time! o.k it’s out there I don’t care about that, I care about winning for real, not just winning a battle but winning the war. We have to be more cautious of how we present material things as it’s a trophy such as cars, shoes, clothes, bottles, homes now these things are true blessing but I truly don’t believe it’s true happiness. What’s crazy have a job and you can get all of that and more. To me it’s the total freedom you have within and the world, not trying be DAME DASH or nothing but he had a lot of points and us that want to be great with real results understand. Real business is never done on social media, so if people saying that,  it’s a complete lie, I promote on social media for real business, big difference. Stop lying to self if you really want to be successful you have to work hard and pray even harder like everyone that came before you, you’re not special you rep what you sow. I talk to people that have more than me all the time, I’m not about to make it seem as if i have what they have. You have to keep it real with [you] and have enough faith to know you will be where want to be eventually as long as you sacrifice and work hard for it, remember perception is your worst enemy sometimes. It make you believe you getting ahead when you not, stay focused.-NIMO


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