Can you fear your own success? well can you? I say yes, everybody on this planet earth wants to obtain success but it’s they own fear that keeps them from it. I really think people don’t understand what pressures come from success itself, the obligations that come with it is crazy…late nights, early mornings, taking care of way more than self and everybody has expectation of you doing great things. It’s cool when you not under radar you can make a million mistakes and start over, but when you successful the scrutiny of making those mistakes is powerful more powerful than one person can describe. So where does fear fit in? the fear you have is letting everyone down to do exactly what you said before you became successful. The financial burden of getting what you deserve to take of the people you love is one of my biggest fear to tell you the truth. Your own  family members can actually scare you the most when it comes to success. The reason I say that is you may not care what others say but your family is the people you love, so care way more which will have you stressed for things to go back to you just being normal again. Let me tell you after success you’re everything but normal your life become a story line good or bad. All the material things that come with it is great, but to maintain that lifestyle is stressful I would think. It’s very hard work, I work hard now it’s times ten when you’re under the radar and successful. These are some of the things that creep in a lot of people mind going for their dreams. Diddy said long time ago more money, more problems and as far as I see it he’s correct. It’s one thing that will help you through it….prayer and faith never fail. So success is great just make sure you are spiritually and mentally balanced and you can overcome all fear. -NIMO


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