Now this particular topic includes everything you want in life. You have to plant seeds first, and by planting seeds I mean execute your plan even if you don’t see results in the beginning at least try to make something happen. Planting seeds is as easy as getting started on whatever it is in life you want to see manifest for the near future. Now the tricky part is having the faith when things aren’t going how you planned it, and that’s o.k just know that you did your part to put in as much work you could possibly do to make it work. Too many people try to get their money right first or research first or wait to they feel ready within. Let me tell you right now there will be no better time than right now, that’s all you have is now not later. We will never be fully ready for anything in life even with a baby, house , job, relationship, move to a different city, ownership, whatever, you name it you won’t be ready for. Knowing this, you literally have to throw yourself in the fight, you don’t have to win the first couple rounds to win the fight. Everyday you have to wake up and push yourself no excuses, within this process your mental stability is very important strip the negative energy around you including friends and family. Now being patient is more faith than anything, don’t cheat yourself by not doing anything to manifest your dream and sit there and say you have faith because faith without work is dead. Know that you spent your time wisely to execute, call, email, practice, ground work, make deals     and most importantly pray because GOD is the key to it all. Patience is the hardest because most people broke when they doing these things to improve their  life embrace it and know that it’s better days ahead not because it just is but because you planted those seeds for better days. Suffer now, to win later i’m in the same fight and guess what i love it! stay strong GOD is great.-NIMO


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