2015-01-19 16.05.58Where the party at? seems I hear this more and more through social media and just being out and about. Now there’s nothing wrong with partying, I would love to I don’t have the time for one and I want more to party about for two, no disrespect to anyone. This is the turn up generation and that’s cool and all but in case a wise man never told you life is about balance. I actually researched about balance in life and came to the realization I have been completely unbalance all my life. And to me it came from not knowing when to party and when to show love to more areas in my life. That attitude of wanting to turn up all the time came from me working a 9-5, think about it your count down is monday to friday you should be living for the weekend at that point that’s all we want to do to let loose from the week. As I said before life is about balance and to complete this balance you have to spend way more time than turning up,you have GOD, wife, kids, job, mother,brother, sister, friends, sports, hobby, etc all have to be on your schedule also. And if you a person like me that’s really pursuing a dream it’s all that more important. When you’re unbalanced in life it seems nothing you really want to do is ever accomplished because priorities are jacked up. If you want to be great let me tell you now I haven’t partied for a while and I work hard so what that say about self. This is not about passing judgement at all this is to tell my brothers and sisters it’s o.k to party just make sure you showing all areas of your life the same turn up love.-NIMO


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