Now sorry to say I know a lot of people think they are the ones that’s creating dope music for the next generation, cool but that’s not what I’m talking about. When I say creating I mean opportunities for the next generation, in order for them to thrive we have the responsibility to create for the one’s that have real message’s for our culture. I think I mention this before that it’s a lot of music being created but no type of platforms. It’s plenty of artist that don’t get heard that maybe need to and if it don’t feel good to you now, what you going to do about it. Music have to be unselfish in a way to keep it around so we can all have the creative kids have a voice also. Platforms and education on platforms is extinct to me. If you in it for the money and the money alone you selfish, I want the youngins behind me to thrive and do well and for that to happen I have to create something for them to be heard. This is a very serious topic for me, think about this music is raising the kids to me, your kids maybe look up to artist more than the parent. That being said we have to be responsible to be the coolest artist (if you do music) to ever do it in a way that you creating opportunities is what they want to do also. Rich get richer always remember that and if you want to change that then change it, so the kids can eat off of creating something great for their culture. Music is music but opportunities for music has slowed down in recent years, can they live? how can they when you just care about being hot, give them a chance by creating something you never had when you was their age. As a artist it’s just not the right thing to do, it’s your responsibility too. -NIMO


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