This will be a short blog today because to evolve who you are meant to be in this world takes time too much time to talk about in one blog. Well to me evolve is a word as a person you have to adapt to, because to evolve it’s not that easy. Many people expect you to do the same thing every year in things such as   music,t.v,fashion,relationships,hobbies,and even what you eat and it just don’t work that way. When you begin to evolve you start to shed the old skin of the ways that never helped you to be great or just helped you to be a better person. You often stop caring about the petty things and focus on the most important things in life. And the greatest thing about it you don’t have to say you evolved it’s often seen in your actions. Plenty of people sit and wonder when is they time going to come, as far them being what they wanted to become all alone, here’s the kicker the reason you not there yet because you have to be more ready to lose more than you gain. Some people that’s a lot of pressure on their lifestyle which to me it’s not when GOD strips you from it you start to understand you never needed it in the first place. So to evolve let GOD strip you and you will begin to step in the light of greatness, I never thought evolving to be great would be so fun let it happen.-NIMO


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