2015-01-19 16.05.58

This is a great topic for me because personally I love business. Now what do this topic for this blog actually mean, it means you can not whine about what’s not going your way but more of what you can do to actually fix it. Many times the boss of it all gets all the bad news, remember there’s no business without problems it’s more how you handle those problems is the key to success. I personally gets all the bad news such as the no thank you’s, try again, wait, not right now, we don’t feel it, all of that and still have to have the confidence to persevere. And you can not care about who is giving you the results, worry about the message not the messenger you have to keep your eyes on the prize which is the end result to it all. Your composure is noticed by many trust me and if you don’t have it, no business will want to deal with you at all, which will tarnish your brand overall. Never panic stay cool and the business stay cool overreact and everyone that works for you lose it also. I see a lot of people complaining of what has not happen yet but don’t take the same amount of time to figure things out. Stay positive, you want people to take you serious so they can trust you when it’s not going right for them either, do not cry about it welcome to real business and if you can stay calm you may see real results. If you are always crying and complaining about this and that then I assure you, you will never make money with anyone in business. Know that you doing your best trust self, and if you drew out a great blueprint you should be good in the end. Dry your eyes and boss up because C.E.O’S don’t care, work harder than anybody else, be patient and you will see more results than you could ever imagine.-NIMO


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