I don’t think we control radio personally, I think radio control the listener. Radio used to be controlled by the people for the people but when the money got involved and the advertising it controlled what we listen to and how we listen to it. For example the rapper with biggest brown paper bag gets the win in the club which the club DJ is usually the radio DJ that continues to show love for that artist, which majority of the time is not hot but as long as that brown paper bag good the relationship going to be good. You may not listen to the radio but your kids do, I truly don’t believe kids still call in to listen to certain music other than to win a prize and tickets. Radio stations play what they want to play and tell artist if your song hot it will be played I hope artist still don’t believe that, you got artist out here trying to make a hit for the radio that will never get played anyway. The way to go now is internet radio, no  politics no problem, control is what the listener needs to be a true listener of music. I used to listen to what the people will listen to when I was young, that everyone thought was dope was played, that’s not the case nowadays. You don’t have to be dope to be played just play your cards right, radio stations are dinosaurs to me the old model of really caring what’s on the radio is old. Now I don’t have beef with the radio at all, I would just personally like if they put the people back in control of what’s played, and that’s only if we ever had control from the get go hmmmm. -NIMO   


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