This topic is up to the eyes of the beholder. So I will speak of only my thoughts, it should always be the artist influencing the world, always. When you think about it, it may be just the opposite because society will rule the mind of people just in general. Artist talk about what they see more than what they think because everything you think may or may not be cool to listeners. Now in hip hop if it ain’t cool it won’t sell or it won’t be publicized, knowing that for any artist they will always try to do what’s cool over what’s just right for the world to know. To influence the world you have to separate yourself  from the world normality influence on the material things that run the world. I try hard to influence the world in multiple ways music, mind, fashion, innovations, behavior just everything that embody’s me. The true artist will always go against the grain of normal and what everybody else is talking about, I truly believe the world love and want gems, jewels of word and action. This really can’t be expressed in a world full of jewels on necks and woman and champagne in bubble baths, cliche if you ask me. So if this is true how can every artist feel the same way about life and thought process, you know what it is?  artist worried about the world influencing them not the other way around. How do we fix it? we as artist fix it by creating and talking about what already don’t exist in the world I bet we have more genius that can change the world then we think, be different.-NIMO



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