2015-01-19 16.05.58

This blog is for everyone that is trying they best to win, and just haven’t seen great results yet. First of all love yourself deeply because people will always disappoint you and all you will be left with is you and GOD which is a good thing so love self. Now never trust your own understanding and timing it will always be off to when you will actually be ready to move forward in any venture. Many people be extremely hard on themselves including me also, I used to be all the time but you know what I said I’m trying my best and my best will shed light one day, faith. We all don’t learn everything we need to know in one lesson so give yourself break. Disappointments happen which are great tools to learn from and overcome use it don’t let it use you. You have to stop looking at how someone else did it or doing it and focus on your own lane and journey, pat yourself on the back for the little things it’s not easy. When you become harder on self you start to lose focus on how far you’ve come and how far GOD can take you. Laugh more worry less be inspired to the change you want to see in your life, you don’t have to have it to talk about it, we call them visionaries and i’m an active client to the word. No one has to see you trying no one have to give you likes, feed backs and comments on facebook, instagram, or twitter to know that GOD sees all, and will always bring to light what the world slept on, stay in the game to win.-NIMO 


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