2015-01-19 16.05.58I’m going to get right to it I feel experience is way better than the bread [money] because experience is priceless. I know people will rather get payed for what they do, but suffer now win later is the best way to put it. Now when I was younger I wanted the money first forget the experience, but what the experience does is season you for the big payout to know what to do with that payout is more important than the money itself. For example I buy my kids all the toys, shoes, clothes, phones in the world right now which is all material and we all know what happens to material things they get old, worn out, out dated, and small or just break. So knowing this give them the jewels and gems of words and experience it never gets old even when you die. Majority of people in this world lose incredible opportunities and resources looking for the bread instead of the experience, you see keep in mind that being rich won’t come overnight but overtime you will be payed for much more than you actual do because of the previous experience. I’m getting a lot of experience right now wouldn’t trade it for the anything in the world, I’m the cat soaking up the knowledge of the c.e.o but never ask for a job. You can’t go through life feeling people owe you something you have to take it and to take it is by taking the experience and advice from the person that’s been in exactly the same position you are now. Now don’t get me wrong someone offer you a check take it but take it with some knowledge from the same person that gave you the check. There’s nothing wrong of wanting to win right now with that bread [money] just understand the experience is the meat,lettuce, tomatoes and cheese with fries and a drink, who eats bread alone and call it a full course meal, think about it.-NIMO


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