Now I know a lot folks is like yes being a one hit wonder is terrible especially if you an artist that thrive for longevity. I’m going to explain why it’s maybe not so bad in today’s industry or world. You have to look at it like this are there still listeners that care about albums? no and yes, yes because there are individuals that love the hard work that’s put into a entire project they listen to the whole thing and live with that record. The no in that is listeners don’t care as much for 12 to 15 songs of music forced on them, give them one hot song that they can bump for a year they love you forever. Now what’s the reason behind that it’s simple people don’t have time and patience for a full length album. Me as an artist I understand the change and study it, I won’t reveal my next moves but you will understand it too, this is the base area and in the 80’s people wanted to get high and get high fast so crack came in and oust the weed area of taking your time to roll a joint then get high. I say that to say this we are in that get high fast days people want to party have a good time and not be tied to the time it will take to listen to a full album, that’s why no disrespect to KENDRICK LAMAR but people calling his album a classic in two days is a complete lie. It is impossible to call anything a classic in a week, one hit wonders are some of the wealthiest people with a single for example “baby got back” pulled in over 100 millions dollars to date research it. Today’s music have a bunch of one hitters but they not wonders they are still relevant why? because you can do more independent now more than ever. Make sure you own your music make a hit and eat of that for life with pub money, so to get dropped from a major now with one song they you had was hit is like a blessing in disguise. So many artist put time into projects when they need to focus on one song and making that song a hit, make more than one and you will survive longer than COOL JAMES, I want to bring albums back too sad thing is I can only do it one song at a time.-NIMO


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