2015-01-19 16.05.58

 I hear this all the time and it’s very debatable and just a great topic I had to touch on it. I do feel some artist names is bigger than their music because we as fans, listeners and critics now days buy into people and their fame no one buys into music. And you want to know how I know, it will be way more artist in a better position that are great than they are now. An artist can take forever to make an album and be relative to today’s industry the question is why, it’s because we hold certain artist to a responsibility than others, some artist people love their personality alone and that’s what they expect, other artist people love their music and hold them to that it just depends on the artist. I hear people call albums a classic before it even drop because the name, the music can be trash but fans will uphold their album do to their name. Music to me is not as important than the person, we give every artist the benefit of the doubt because who they are. We used to be so hard on artist no matter the name, they would have to prove themselves over and over again not now. Our level of entertainment is crazy low, this is why artist can put out whatever they want and still have fame. We still calling artist the best ever for what they did ten years ago not what they accomplished today because of what the name. Now I give props when it’s do trust me, but a lot of artist is completely whack and they know it but won’t go against it because of the fame that artist have. I thought this was music, to keep pushing this culture forward we have to be real to artist and ourselves keep them around because they just hot not because their instagrams, no hating or knocking no one hustle it’s just real. Big names in the industry had to put out a hot album every summer or winter to stay in the talks not just a mediocre single it was real then, now I’m not a bitter person I know my strengths and what I’m capable of and will soon prove it to the world. I’m just saying let’s start giving props and accolades for the right reasons not just who they are, worshipping artist won’t feed you, so why feed into certain artist because they selfie pics dope, let’s get back to what this is really about music.-NIMO



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