2015-01-19 16.05.58

 I know to make yourself uncomfortable sounds crazy, but it’s the smartest thing in the world. The more you make yourself uncomfortable the more you push limits in life, I never knew to be comfortable was stagnant, but it is you tend to not grow when your comfortable in one spot. This is why I put myself in difficult situations that most people in life are scared to do. Change your look your surrounds your peers to simply grow, I’m a rapper that try not to hang around rappers that much. And that’s no disrespect to any artist it’s just preference, if you pick something that’s out of your league your probably on the right track to do great things. I love art and to appreciate it you have to appreciate that some art makes you uncomfortable that feeling is the growth to understanding something different. Most people spend their entire life living comfortable just to seem normal to your peers in this society. It’s like accept what the mind don’t want you to accept, those are the things that help you grow, learn and become a teacher to the people that scared to do what you do, inspire. All I know is nothing great came from being comfortable, how would you know if your wings work if you never jumped off that cliff of being mundane, jump and watch you sore higher than any plane could ever take you.-NIMO  


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