This topic I feel every rapper should talk about this is my prospective all debatable tho. I have felt for many years rappers want the hottest freestyle over songs, because that’s what we’re gassed to do, it’s great for marketing until people here your project. Radio are the main reason rappers want to freestyle, they should in that case, a wider audience get to hear what they can really do makes sense. Now this is where the politics of that can get tricky, for one radio don’t care about your overall success they need ratings and ads to survive period. You become the pawn in all this because if you nice everybody talks about it, if you trash everybody talks about it, so either way they come out on top no matter what. Plenty of rappers get gassed when they nice at freestyling they feel like dope artist which in a lot of ways you might be. Hot bars get you attention a hot song get you notary in the industry to make other business moves, that’s just the politics of the game. Now I really never been a fan of spiting a verse for every radio station and shows, why? because to me it takes  away from your creative ability to make actual songs, this may be one reason a lot of rappers that battle can’t make a hit song. Now i give battlers their respect it’s not easy doing what they do in front of a crowd I give them that. But to really look at the overall success of it you have to think about it, if I spit a hot freestyle or verse what does it mean to my career if I’m not a battler, let me tell you absolutely nothing. Some people have made the argument if you don’t freestyle how would we know you any good and I say why would that matter when it’s some artist you play on the radio is terrible. When a rapper can freestyle half of the time the albums be subpar or just whack, so what was the purpose of the hot bars when the music business is about selling records and making classic’s. Even radio don’t want to support the artist that came up and spit some hot shit, you don’t play my records you don’t get no freestyle, hard bargain but you got to know your worth.-NIMO  


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