This topic I had to man up to, I actually caught myself saying I didn’t want to listen to a woman artist just because she was a woman shame on me right. I truly feel like female rap artist don’t get the same attention as man artist, I’m just being real I did it, so I know a lot of other men look over female rap artist for the same reason. Rap shouldn’t be dominated by men only and that’s coming from a man artist. I always give a dude a chance even when other people call the artist whack, the psychological reason of that to me is simply because it was a man I gave him a chance. So how many female’s truly getting looked over that’s dope properly multiple, we really need to give woman the same respect as us because I know a couple that will kill some dudes on any song you choose. We really cater to just us {men} and I feel we only pay attention when they shaking they ass, how many men can honestly say they would listen to NICKI MANAJ without the ass shaking and twerking, not many lets just say that. Women got bars too and when I caught myself not giving a woman a chance because it was a woman I had to check myself for a minute. Because just think if we doing that just in rap what about in life, which is another subject, let’s give them the same amount of attention that we give some of these whack dudes, it gives them a much needed voice also.-NIMO 


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