Everybody want to see change in the world about something, but why wait for change when everyone has free will to do something about it. I never complain about the game I just literally create my own, you don’t like something change it simple. So what it’s hard and nobody roots you on, you have to continue to play your part no matter what, I see plenty of things in life that I feel is not only unfair to me but everybody else also and trust me I working to change it. The reason things don’t often change is because we all waiting for it to be somebody else responsibility to change it. I never believed no man or woman white or black can stop you so there are no excuses to become whatever you want for whatever reason. People are often stopped by society saying don’t worry we’re create what you need and expect a fair life. Don’t ever believe that society will treat you right, you make what’s right don’t worry about the facebook likes or instagram followers GOD is all you need for change. You hate your job create one, you hate the music game create one, you hate the platforms for entrepreneurs change it, you hate the media change it. You get the picture clearly when you stop waiting on change and become the change you want to see in the world, I believe in nike talk….just do it.-NIMO   


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