2015-01-19 16.05.58

This blog is very important to people who want to have a legacy more than a popular status. I run into people all the time that want to succeed at a position or just to be famous, which it ain’t nothing wrong with that except that isn’t the big picture. Like many my life started with being behind in school, neighborhoods, finances, even more important opportunity, that’s what we all lack sometimes no matter the color. I decided about a year and a half ago that’s my mission is to hustle for my last name, now if you still wondering what that even mean let me explain. You have to basically rewire yourself to today’s society, you can’t care about a job that’s hustling for your status you have to care more about others enough to actually build an empire so your kids can be owners and hire family and continue a family business for generations that might not be as strong as you. I’m not trying to preach but we all have our thinking a little bit backwards, we often think that we are providing opportunities through how much money we make in a job that you don’t own and can’t hire anyone on that job. So many years I have seen family members continue to start over hoping that one of the kids become something great let’s stop putting that pressure on our kids and do something about it now. I really think we all can build empires, the hardest thing to do is to detach yourself from the foolery society is doing and have faith in GOD and self, let’s not keep starting over only then you will start to see change in the world, hustle.-NIMO


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