This blog is for the out the box thinker because you truly have to want to be different with how music is effective and accepted. Hip-hop is one genre that is influenced through so many outlets of companies, why don’t artist take advantage of those outlets I don’t know. I feel so many artist do not know instead of one door there’s 30, 000 doors out there that’s just effective as the one everyone looking at. You have to understand no matter what this is a business and when you expand your mind your music can be on some many platforms that can expand your brand, being the hottest is a trend being a brand name last longer. If you the artist that want to change the world through music then think global music is everywhere for everything there’s no one way to be successful or effective. The same reason artist beef automatically because they all trying to fit through one door, be different and touch markets where music of your genre can influence that company and culture even more. The best way to look at it different is to put yourself in different circles, study marketing you will see it’s never impossible, it’s just impossible to see the exit when a million people is covering the sign.-NIMO   


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