Many artist that’s doing well equal success to a check and that’s great get your money, but to me success is the measure of what you set out to do individually. I do music to change lives and perspective’s one way or another, it may not be truly a way to find out how well your doing in music but it may be a way to find out how well your music changing you and the people around you. It’s not a competition of who doing better than who it’s more of how well do the artist think they doing, are you trying everything in your powers? how good is your faith? is the music forcing you to evolve?. You see those are the questions that’s more important to self, artist tend to think they failing because they haven’t made money yet, the money will come but you have to be seasoned when the money comes. Never look in other lanes to what somebody else is doing that just create the fact you feel you aren’t doing well. And trust me must artist that act like theirs no struggle to this game is the ones that struggle the most, so don’t measure yourself to anyone, measure yourself to how far GOD brought you to how far GOD can take you, fight you will win.-NIMO  


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