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This blog is very important in today’s culture simply because kids will be the next generation to lead this world. Do I think kids know more rap song’s than their homework absolutely, the psychological question is why? well my assumption is that school over the years have become mundane to a certain point even when I was younger. Rappers are cooler than the parents, why? because the money and material things they see, um not necessarily true I feel it’s because of the lifestyle they choose to be independent, kids don’t understand how record deals work all they see is the person doing exactly what he or she wants to do. That alone drive kids to look at rappers as the coolest, so as a parent I have to be the coolest for my kids in being independent and consistent. Do you as an adult see being in class for 7 to 8 hours fun, shit we don’t have fun at work for 8 hours and we get paid, that should tell you something. Kids want to have fun they dream big all the time you as a parent may not notice as much because you work at putting food on the table and clothes on their back. Well while you doing that they learning all the latest songs and dances to the point you become corny, which at a certain point we all corny to our kids but I mean corny like not worth following the path or even listening to you. Kids are not dumb they know when you’re in the hamster ball which mean you doing the same thing everyday for 30 years and expect them to be inspired by that. Now don’t get me wrong shout out to all the single and coupled hardworking parents but music is raising our kids not us. How to fix it? you don’t have to become a rapper or even be in the entertainment business, you just have to be independent to a point of doing what you want and how you want it, kids eat that up trust me. The fact that they can see artist all the time through social media makes it even harder on parents, so my suggestion to parents let’s dream again like when we was kids to do exactly what we want to do, my wife and I can look our kids in the face and say we cooler than your favorite artist they say how and me and my wife can give them a million reasons because we strive to be the coolest in the world but more importantly the coolest for them, lets get our kids back.-NIMO


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