2015-01-19 16.05.58

Now if you consider yourself a leader don’t create more followers even tho that’s what instagram tell us to do, create leaders and those leaders you help will create more leaders that’s a domino effect. We all love change when it’s in our best interest so knowing that give more knowledge of what you learned being a leader. Me personally want everyone I know to be wealthy and knowledgeable to the fact we can create change for the better and the only way to do that is help them when they are trying to get in position. We all love people to follow what we doing to show what we have compared to what the others don’t you will be creating negative energy not followers and definitely not leaders. We often don’t support when others are doing something great do to jealousy, not liking that person, or just don’t see how it will benefit us personally which is cool. But the sad part is not understanding that person could be breaking boundaries for our future of something that will make it easy for our pursuit of greatness. To give information will not hurt you as a person, but I understand you shouldn’t have to force anything to anyone that want to be great. I know we all want to be leaders in our own right but you have to be real with self also, if you do not have the the proper information don’t say you do just to lie to some person that want to be a leader, hit people with truth good or bad and let the person decide what they want to do. Creating leaders isn’t easy I know but you create more than you know when you go out for greatness and when it looks familiar to you support it no matter the person, worry about the message not the messenger.-NIMO


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