2015-01-19 16.05.58

Now please don’t get this blog twisted I myself as an artist is still learning marketing and expanding my brand. But what I really mean by organically is artist building a fan base by ground work you know shaking hands, hitting the streets passing out cd’s, traveling for shows, meet and greets you know things without an internet connection. The internet is a gift and curse to all artist nowadays, artist I don’t think know how to have a decent conversation in my eyes. There will always be ground work for artist that most artist hate or is embarrassed or just simply afraid of because it’s work to get to know people on a personal level, way different from accepting people on facebook. I feel we as artist got to get back to personal relationships with people just in general, how can you ask anyone to buy anything if you’re not willing to sell it on the streets or pass it out. I also think we need to know our worth but understand that if you don’t believe in you why would anybody else. I’m trying to bring it back just the way I sold my EP this year with having to @ me to even buy it. You have to want to show your fans you can touch me I’m real, these are some of the reasons artist development is no more do to hiding behind a computer and not getting in the streets and making it happen. Sometimes you just have to hit the road and feel the authentic love of talking to people and giving them your prospective in person. Do to a new app being created every second a non polish artist will just skip the organic way and go with that which in the long run ruins the artist development of dealing business with real people and hand shakes. Times have changed which is still a good thing because it may be easier for an artist to get noticed, but it’s not always the best thing if you want to be taken serious for your craft organic is the way to still go.-NIMO             


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