2015-01-19 16.05.58

 I personally always wanted to know why is so much time spent in the studio for artist. Now me I hate being in the studio longer than 5 to 6 hours which is nothing compared to the studio gymnast which could with stand a day or a week in the studio. If I’m in there that long I start to get fidgety and impatient but that’s me, I see artist all the time gloat on how many hours they have been in the studio and #work. Now I don’t have a problem with no one perfecting their craft that’s a great thing but in my opinion you have to give yourself great balance to have that much of a classic on wax. Spending too much time in that one space your songs may start to become redundant even if their pre wrote the energy starts to sound the same every song. Give yourself time to live and experience what you want to talk about, I can personally hear when an artist is being genuine and when their just passing me lyrics or bars over a beat. Now this is note to self also to live a little more than I record, some might think that’s wrong but to me music is something you already living, lived, or want to live. I try not to spread myself thin by thinking all rap and studio but do different things of taste to bring that to the studio and talk about that experience. Many artist today talk about more partying then living and I think to myself you can’t be partying that much do to schedules of shows and business, so I will consider that  you’re  giving me what you think I want to hear not necessarily who you are and what embodies you personally. Experience, live, evolve and I guarantee you some of the best music you could ever do will be wrote outside the studio, give your art breathing room.-NIMO  


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