First of all, hustler is a state of mind not an occupation. What I’m talking about is a true hustler as you all heard before scared money don’t make money which is 100% true. So why is everyone calling themselves hustler? maybe it just sound good to be called a trending word is my guess because a job can be a hustle but if you to scared to quit to go after your dreams you not a hustler you are a conformist. I’m willing to risk it all to be able to help people that can’t help themselves or don’t know where to start to help themselves, we all know that risk takers are a bit nutty but that’s o.k the reward will be well worth it. You can lose it all when you start to understand it was nothing to lose in the first place, material things can always be replaced GOD gave you skill no matter what you won’t lose that. I had to understand myself that I wasn’t really making a change in my life because the fear of what I might lose, not understanding that losing was being scared to lose. Hustlers aren’t born they are built, the trials and tribulations in someone life gives those individuals options they never knew they had. Life is nothing when you don’t live to your purpose, it’s like you have to make it a little more interesting in a good way, step outside the box be different most of all be fearless. I quit my job over a year ago and invested into me and my wife, now everything hasn’t been peachy but far as financially I don’t think it ever been. If you don’t have enough money to help somebody else come up or start your own business outright then your making money to pay bills it will never be yours to do things you truly want to be happy doing. It’s a lot of hustlers out there don’t get me wrong but if your hustling for a weekend, car, house, or clothes and shoes, you might be looking at hustling the wrong way. People want things now forget the future, I rather struggle now and have it forever big difference when you really think about. I lost a lot of things being on this journey but what’s crazy me and my wife planned this from the beginning but in the end the hustler mentality we have will have us more than we actually bargain for. So continue to hustle it’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t expect more, remember no pain, no gain. -NIMO            


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