Later on this year, right around fall, there will be a great platform. Not for some but all unsigned artists. Its the most innovative, creative and understanding platform for artists that don’t get a lot of looks, or likes. Its extremely important for this platform to be great simply because I myself am in the same position as an unsigned artist. It will feature artists that have no platform to drop music in a special way, such as limiting the content, what I like to call the fluff talk, and putting what’s most important out there; the artist as a brand and the music they’ve worked so hard on in the forefront. If this is interesting to you as an artist, the slots will be first come, first serve. And the best news about this is…Its Free. I only ask for your music to be creative, and you as an artist must be serious about your brand. This magazine will be sponsored and be sold to major recording studios. Therefore you will be getting exposure from signed and unsigned artists alike. So, get your bids in now. Ready…Set…Go! -NIMO

2015-01-19 16.05.58


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