2015-01-19 16.05.58


I know artist and producers always wondered this question of who has it easier. My initial thought was the producer myself maybe because I’m a artist, but when I really thought it through I think it’s the artist that has it the easiest. Think about it just because you make beats don’t mean your not a true artist, the producer have to not only find the right rhythm but the right artist to bring that art piece to life. I feel that’s one of the biggest things for producers and maybe why a lot of them don’t pop {no pun intended} is because they sell beats to whoever and don’t look for the right artist or group or placement. So all in all the producer have it harder my opinion, now the reason the artist have it a little bit easier is because music changes every single day and since music is not substance heavy nowadays, you could come up with a hit saying absolutely nothing on any type of beat, no shade but it’s true. If producers could stop caring about getting rich overnight including the artist it might be more than 4 or 5 rappers with substance, business also plays a big part in all musicians success can’t forget that, who truly has it easier we might never know, until I get position, and I’m always going to keep 100.-NIMO


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