Now always remember this is my analogy I could be totally wrong but this normally happens to a lot of artist even me, mainly do to money and opportunities not falling through. So you as an artist have to find ways not to come out so big with video’s and big shows sound crazy right, maybe or I say maybe not, one thing you have to maintain is patience and time. So doing this period you have to create avenues for your brand that’s free even platforms, things you know you can maintain with or without cash flow. Plenty artist think the bigger the better [pause] that’s how you get yourself in a jam, you have to think the way you market yourself the first time is mainly how your audience see’s you or wants to see you all the time. The cool down comes a lot from depending on other people to be hot, main reasons major labels can jerk you around in your career is due to that fact alone. Get yourself hot is the name of the game, artist look for saviors, you are your own savior in business trust me. Be very creative in every approach and that doesn’t mean you have to come out of a lot of money. I wish I would of knew some of these things earlier in my career, but can’t cry over spilled milk, I know now and I know well. Getting hot sometimes is easy but staying hot is something else, you have to know how to market your music and be consistent at it, if you want it to work. No one will ever give you something you haven’t made profitable yourself remember that, I’m going to stay hot one way or another I don’t need the stove to eat, the microwave works just fine, bet on consistency.-NIMO


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