2015-01-19 16.05.58

This is a subject that most people mention when it comes to hip-hop, does race matter? and honestly I don’t think it ever mattered. The reason I say that is the culture only really care about dopeness, education, swag, creativeness, and originality, nothing that have to do with color. As a black artist I don’t think we own the culture, we might just made it more accessible to the world in that regard some feel like other races don’t belong. And I totally agree “if” you’re being a culture vulture which means to me exploiting something to get paid off of other people’s real pain and we all know every big corporation does this which often consist of all races. It’s never been a race thing with me personally if your dope your dope period, now don’t get me wrong either I won’t mention names but for some artist in hip-hop being a majority has it’s perks. That’s no shade to any artist but let’s be real some artist music is only good to executives because of their race, so those select artist get what I call passes in certain situations. All in all it’s just music it shouldn’t matter I feel we all have something to bring to the table to make this a better culture and genre. You can’t fool people they know when it’s real, speak from the heart and overtime the listeners and supporters will grow no matter the color.-NIMO


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