Social media in every aspect is simply a platform for everything not only music. It being a platform for everything sometimes the artist loses the sight to use it for their music totally, which means you have to understand that you’re representing yourself and your brand at all times. Social media are the calling for all unsigned artist that definitely is serious about they music and brand. I personally feel like it helps but only with the right mindset, always do things on your social media to show your perspective and taste that compliments your music. Now social media can hurt you in a lot of ways also like the negativity that some artist puts on their social platform it could turn potential fans or listeners off completely. To have followers on social media is a great thing but you have to give them something to follow and understand they only follow what you give off as an artist, you breed artistry that’s what the follower breeds, you breed negativity, your follower breeds negativity. A picture speaks a thousands words but your character speaks a million which that means social media is great but understand you need other platforms to speak louder on your music and your moves. It’s a zillion people on social media doing music, be different, be innovative most of all be thoughtful to other people feelings and opinions, which are things as an artist I truly had to learn. So does social media help yes, does hurt your music yes, you the artist are the only person that can determine which route it goes, just have a mindset for positivity  and greatness.-NIMO  


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