2015-01-19 16.05.58 

This is a very important blog for unsigned artist, so the question is are unsigned artist still waiting on record deals. I personally see that they still are waiting on record deals, but why is the ultimate question. The reason I feel is this there’s no one truly helping out artist nowadays which there is a lot of information but not enough action shown for artist which mean I can tell you a million things to do but without an example that artist will still be lost. Let’s keep it real there is no artist development in sight, which is critical to artist that wants to grow into a brand of their own, plenty artist don’t understand most things a label does you can do yourself. Record deals are made to put you on a bigger platform, not to mode you into a superstar, you must have those qualities in yourself well before they know who you are. The major point of super stardom is one word “confidence” you have to maintain just that first, I think it’s sad the way artist get bamboozled with executives basically selling dreams and not real opportunity. Artist has to invest into people who will work for them not just feature them big difference, I’m here to tell you, you can do a lot by self for self I doing the same thing. Build your name along with your brand, be confident and seek out opportunities that isn’t always money or music driven, think outside the box. You don’t ever have to wait on anyone including deals become your own brand and the deals will wait on you.-NIMO      


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