2015-01-19 16.05.58

 I think by now everyone that follow my blogs know’s that I keep it real, this is another real conversation about the music industry and how it needs to be more idea than money driven. First of all what does the title even mean, well its simple plenty artist have more idea’s than money and the dopest artist can really never express those idea’s due to lack of resources. I mean we all should know by now the music industry is a business which is fine we know everybody has to be compensated for service, but some idea’s of artist gets looked over that could bring more money than the industry ever would’ve imagined. As I type this blog labels, ceo’s, and executive’s are trying to figure out a better way to bring new revenue to the business, and what sucks some of them never had to grind with music as their profession that’s one of the reasons the struggle of the industry has arrived. At some point you just have to say we don’t know and turn to not the hottest artist you have but the artist that’s unsigned that have to create a buzz on his own with little to no money, those are the ones with the answers I happen to be one of those artist also. Anything in life you want to last have to be on the cusp of the future, for example name one of the hottest artist out I grantees you he or she is not focused on the idea’s of the industry, their main concern is how to rape the game while their hot period. I feel a lot that’s going on now like lack of music sells or the lack of true talent could have been dealt with long time ago if the people with money looked at the people that’s not getting that big check for answers. No one cares about tomorrow only today which is cool but if the music industry continue’s to put their blinders on they won’t have to worry about creating better opportunities and revenue because it won’t be none to create, open your eye’s and ear’s. -NIMO    


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